Polyflex Coating


Cure time is fast and catalysts are available to quicken the process

  • Weather resistant - Resists freeze/thaw cycle, extreme thermal shock
  • Tough - Used at ski resorts, on ship decks, in tiger & elephant cages, on roof decks and underground parkades – Talk about extreme!
  • No VOC restrictions - Solvent-Free Water Catalyst Urethane (WCU)Flex
  • Indestructible Urethane Technology - A "Green" LEED product.
  • Repairable - Adheres to itself through molecular interlock so that repairs are easy and permanent. You can even re-coat at any time.
  • Slip-Resistant - Surface texture can be varied for desired appearance and optimal slip-resistance for safety reasons.


  • Will not crack, tear or puncture ultimate shock resistance, strength and durability.
    • All other urethanes are solvent-based, nasty to apply, they go on too thin and puncture or tear easily. Get a sample & prove it.
  • NO SEAMS! - This eliminates weak points in the membrane and makes cleaning worry-free.
  • Easily sloped or thickened to seal walls & posts Permanently stop leaks at all critical areas.
  • Eco-Friendly Solvent Free product (Leed points)